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“Odd-Time” Was Had By All


Hank Levy was one of the most prolific, creative writers in the world of big band jazz, and his claim to fame was his use of “odd” time signatures. Exploring this field along with Don Ellis and Stan Kenton, he wrote many compositions and arrangements for them, greatly enhancing their repertoire, and keeping them on the cutting edge of jazz innovation.

This 2-Disc CD was digitally recorded live at a concert on February 26, 2004, and features some of Hank’s best “odd-time” compositions, played by some of his finest musicians, who have studied and performed with him for many years. The time signature for each composition is listed after each title. For more info about the HANK LEVY ALUMNI BAND,



Disc One

1. Hank’s Opener 7/4
2. Samba Siete 7/4
3. Journey To Capricorn 5/4
4. Early Riser 7/4
5. Southern Exposure 5/4
6. Passacaglia & Fugue 3/4 & 4/4

Disc Two

1. Whiplash 7/4 & 14/8
2. Thetis 4/4
3. Little Girl Blue 4/4
4. Chiapas 5/4
5. Time For A Change 9/4
6. With The Old Man In Mind 5/4
7. Would You Believe 4/4