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CD Mastering and Digital Audio Editor Near Bethany Beach, DE

Share your music with the world. But first, give your listeners a professional-sounding album or EP with professional CD mastering services from Sonority Records. Our local recording studio has all the equipment and advanced digital audio editors you need to share your music on a number of different channels and get it ready for CD distribution.

For musicians and performers in Bethany Beach, DE and surrounding areas by the coast, this is the place for professional and affordable music production. Contact us today to get your music ready for distribution using the latest digital editing technology!

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What is CD Mastering?

After recording your single or full album, a digital audio editor is needed to go in and balance sound frequencies from the original recording. This includes adjusting volumes to maintain a consistent sound and tone throughout the album. The process also includes creating fades and spacing between tracks and editing out any unwanted noises. The finished product is similar to a commercially-produced album in its professional sounding and balanced tones.

As part of our CD mastering services at Sonority Records, we will provide you with a digital file format of your recording for music distribution sites like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music. This is also the file format musicians will need for CD duplication and distribution, making it one of the most necessary services for performers and songwriters.

Since CD mastering and audio formatting now generally falls on the musician rather than a record label, it becomes crucial to find a professional digital audio editor with years of experience in masterful music production for the sound you want.

At Sonority Records, we understand that the quality of your CD mastering will play an enormous role in your album’s sound quality and, ultimately, how well your audience receives your music. That’s why we guarantee each musician, performer, and songwriter the same high-quality service, the perfect professional sound and expert digital audio editing at a fraction of the cost.

Once CD mastering is complete, we can then begin CD duplication and other music production. Our 40 years of experience in the music industry are invaluable in this process, no matter the performer. From the accomplished musician to the latest newcomer, from classical and jazz performers to electronic and rock bands, we work with them all! Learn more our audio mastering services today in southeastern Delaware.


Professional Digital Audio Editors at Your Fingertips

Get in touch with our music producers and digital audio editors today at Sonority Records to begin the CD mastering and duplication process. Need a recording first? Visit our professional recording studios near you in Bethany Beach, DE or contact us to record live, on-site performances.

We have the professional recording equipment and digital audio editing software you want to get that perfect sound. Work with our experienced team who come with an extensive knowledge of CD mastering and producing music for different distribution channels to help you create an album or EP that’s ready to share.

At Sonority Records, we treat all the talented musicians and songwriters who walk into our doors with the same high standards of service and professionalism. Your music deserves to make its mark, we’re here to help make that happen.